About us


Here at Oriental Teahouse, our aim is simple: to connect the dots between Chinese tradition and the contemporary Melbourne dining scene. Tea and yum cha are our thing, and nothing gives us more of a buzz than balancing authenticity with creativity. Sure, we offer all the classics, such as siu mai dumplings, but we’re not afraid to serve juicy parcels stuffed with chilli wagyu beef or even white chocolate.

As for our tea, each signature blend is hand-crafted by Oriental Teahouse founder David Zhou. Since moving from Shanghai to Melbourne David has dedicated his life to understanding the holistic healing properties of different teas, creating blends that are as beneficial for the body as they are on the taste buds.

The first Oriental Teahouse opened 10 years ago on Chapel Street in South Yarra. Three more have followed since then – also located in top shopping precincts – along with our upstairs Oriental drinking den, Zhou Zhou Bar. Our team takes pride in educating customers, making sure you always leave satisfied. If we can pair a person up with Peach Melba, or spot a Baked Apple Sencha smile across the room, we’ve done our job.