Treat yourself (and your tea) with beautiful tea-ware


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking your time to prepare a delicious cuppa. Inhaling the aroma of your freshly brewed tea before your first sip or sharing a steaming pot with friends is what it’s all about!

Sure, you can dunk a teabag in some hot water as you’re surfing for shows on Netflix, but your favourite high quality teas deserve better than that. Go on and #treatyoself!

Ready to make a life-changing cup of tea? Here’s what you need:

A good pot

Making sure your tea is prepared in a good pot adds to the quality of the brew so that you can really taste the difference. Our beautiful cast iron teapots last for decades – so your legacy of making the perfect cup of tea will survive for generations. Not to mention, they’re the best option if you’re prone to a spot of clumsiness or tend to move house a lot – they’re built to last.

They also stay hotter for longer and are great for teas that like the heat of boiling water – oolong, black tea, and certain types of green tea. The iron distributes the heat evenly and enhances the flavour. Drinking white or herbal tea? Those need less heat, and you can choose a glass pot instead.

A good mug

The cup you choose to drink your tea out of can make or break your cuppa. Just ask Janice from your office if you can borrow her cup and watch her freak out. No you cannot – it is her Special Mug.

You deserve a special mug too. We love the cup-for-one. It’s an elegant solution to all of those times you’ve been dying for a special cuppa but didn’t want to brew a huge pot just for yourself. (And you can glare at Janice if she even thinks about borrowing it.)

A good selection of tea

Nothing compares to the quality of wholesome, delicious loose leaf tea. Ditch the dingy teabags for an experience you won’t be able to turn back from. Trust us, being selective with your tea will open your eyes to everything you’ve been missing from your regular routine. Our signature 6 pack is perfect to try a few different flavours and help you figure out your faves.
Want to see how these items look, feel and work in the flesh? Pop by one of our stores to see them in action! While you’re here, why not have some delicious dumplings too? Make a booking and head on over!

What you need to know about Chinese New Year


Even though 2017 started over a month ago, we’re not ready to stop celebrating the New Year. That’s right, Chinese New Year is now on the horizon and that means loads of celebrations and delicious food!

If you’re not familiar with this holiday, we’ve got your back. Chinese New Year at Oriental Teahouse is all about sharing Chinese food and culture with your closest family and friends. Here are the basics you need to know:

The Chinese Zodiac

Each year is themed by a different animal so when we celebrate the New Year, we welcome one of the twelve zodiacs to protect and look over us. 2016 was the year of the Monkey and on the 28th of January 2017, we’ll transition into the year of the Rooster.

According to ancient Chinese superstition, in your birth sign year, you will offend the God of Age, and have back luck that year. The best way to avoid this is to wear something red year round, such as socks, scarf, underwear, wristband, etc.

Your Animal Sign

Your Chinese Zodiac sign is determined by your birth year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Determine your animal sign by finding your birth year below.

  • Rat: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960
  • Ox: 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961
  • Tiger: 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962
  • Rabbit: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963
  • Dragon: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964
  • Snake: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965
  • Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966
  • Goat: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967
  • Monkey: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968
  • Rooster: 2017, 2005, 1993, 1981, 1969
  • Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970
  • Pig: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971

Red envelopes

As a child, one of the most exciting parts of celebrating the New Year was receiving the red envelopes given by extended family. Why? Because they’re full of cash! They’re a wish for health and wealth ­– and traditionally it’s the red paper itself that carries the good luck.

Chinese New Year foods

At Oriental Teahouse we get super excited about the infamous New Year dinner. It’s a significant part of the celebration, uniting family members over a gigantic, delicious Chinese meal. That means seeing distant aunts and uncles and all 537 of your cousins. It’s a great time with heaps of food, laughs and great company.  Some of the must-have foods are:


Dumplings are super popular in Northern China and especially during the New Year as they represent prosperity. They’re typically made the day before and eaten at midnight. Apparently, the more dumplings you can fit into your gob during the celebration, the more money you can expect to make in the New Year. We dare you to give it a go!


Families often buy a whole fish and prepare it with some ginger and soy sauce. This dish is accompanied with the phrase “nian nian you yu” which means, “may the year bring prosperity.” It’s customary to save leftovers, not just for your lunch the next day, but also to symbolise prosperity overflowing into the New Year.

New Year cake

If you’re into cool textures, this stuff is for you. Also known as Nian Gao, New Year cake is made with glutinous rice flour and sugar. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao during Chinese New Year because nian gao is a homonym for “higher year.” It’s a popular gift to bring to a New Year party and can be moulded into different shapes for decoration. Pretty and tasty? Don’t mind if we do!

Now that you’re more familiar with some traditional Chinese New Year foods, why not come down to one of our venues and try some of them for yourself? Celebrate Chinese New Year at Oriental Teahouse and have yourself banquet with some loved ones!

5 Teas That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s pretty obvious that we’re passionate about tea – but not just because it’s delicious. Teas have been used for thousands of years for their amazing health benefits. That’s why we think there’s a cup of tea to help you achieve every kind of New Year’s Resolution.

At Oriental Teahouse, we know you might need some help sticking to your goals, so we’ve paired some common resolutions and the teas that can help keep you on track.

Resolution 1: looking and feeling better

By the time the New Year comes around, we’re starting to feel the effects of all the late nights, indulgent dinners and drinks with friends. Fun in the sun also takes a toll on our skin. No one wants to start a new year looking and feeling less than their best. Give yourself some love with a delicious brew.

Our recommendation: Refreshing Tea

Our Refreshing tea is known to calm, cleanse and leave you feeling refreshed. It might be the essential pick-me-up you need to kick start your year the right way. It’s also great for your eyes and skin. Drink it in the morning and start feeling the benefits straight away.

Resolution 2: sleeping better and relaxing

There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Winding down properly and clearing yourself of the day’s stresses can help you get some quality snoozing – it’s no wonder “sleeping better” is a popular New Year’s Resolution. No better way to prepare for a night full of Z’s than with a warm and cosy (caffeine-free) cuppa before bed!

Our recommendation: herbal tea

Herbal tea helps to calm your system right down. Our Chrysanthemum Tea is perfect to sip on as you unwind. It’s a classic that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help you relax.

Resolution 3: cutting coffee and feeling more energised

If you can’t face your workmates before you’ve had your first shot of espresso in the morning, you might want to rethink your coffee habits in 2017. We’re all guilty of guzzling coffee to get us through the day but a dependence on caffeine isn’t healthy. Tea can be an awesome alternative to help you kick your addiction.

Our recommendation: black tea

Try our earthy Pu Erh Marjian Tea. It’s compressed to preserve bold flavours and intensity, making it a great substitute for your latte. Rich and satisfying, you’ll quickly realize that tea can be your healthier savior.

Resolution 4: detoxing and losing weight

After all those delicious holiday meals, you might feel like your body needs some cleansing! Good thing tea has some detoxifying properties that help to flush out the nasties.

Our recommendation: green tea

Naturally high in antioxidants, green tea is great at flushing out toxins and boosting your immune system. Try our Gen Mai Chai Tea to give your system a cleanse. With roasted brown rice, it’s a delicious way to get back on track.

Resolution 5: drinking more water and staying hydrated

Fizzy drinks are quenching on a hot day, but they’re often laden with sugar and preservatives. If you struggle to drink enough plain water, why not give some tasty, sugar-free iced tea a go?

Our recommendation: fruit tea

Keep cool with our refreshing Raspberry and Lime Tea – a hydrating solution to a hot summer’s afternoon. Keep hydrated and replace sodas with this natural pick-me-up. Tasty and sweet, it’s packed with vitamin C and is great served both hot and cold.

Now that you know which teas can help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, why not come down to one of our stores and have a cuppa with us? Or feel free to order any one of our dozens of teas online for yourself, family and friends. Cheers to 2017!

Create Your Own Dumpling + Win Free Dumplings for a Year!

Dumpling lovers, we’ve got something special in store for you!

Tell us your wildest, wackiest and tastiest dumpling recipe and enter to win a full year’s worth of dumplings at any of our three Oriental Teahouse locations. Simply comment your idea on the pinned post on our Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Terms & Conditions:

  • To enter, participants must post their dumpling creation idea within the comments section of the competition post between from 25/11/16 to 9/12/16.
  • Entrants can enter as many times as they wish.
  • Entries will be open until 10PM 9/12/16. The winner will then be chosen by Oriental Teahouse’s head chefs based on creativity, potential tastiness and general creation appeal.
  • Winner will be contacted by Oriental Teahouse on 10/12/16 and asked for identification details for ongoing redemption of prize.
  • Dumpling will then feature on Oriental Teahouse’s South Yarra location specials menu for 1 month.
  • Winner will have access to free yum-cha across Oriental Teahouse’s South Yarra, Chadstone and Little Collins locations to the value of $40 per visit, limited to 1 visit per week.
  • Oriental Teahouse will send the winner vouchers that can be used to redeem the prize (valued $40 each week).