9 Times Dads Dressed Their Kids as Food

Every father is different. Each dad brings his own style and personality to parenting to connect with their child in their own special way. But judging by the internet, there’s one thing the majority of dads have in common – a strange but wonderful need to dress their child as food. We’re prepared to prove it with nine examples of dads dressing their kids as food. It’s Father’s Day coming up and this is our tribute to the fathers of the world, Oriental Teahouse-style.

1. Congratulations, it’s a kiwi!
We applaud this dad for his keen observational skills – most parents wouldn’t notice that their baby’s head looks like a giant kiwi!

OTH_food costume_kiwi
Source: Bored Panda

2. Son of a glue gun
The father that came up with this snack machine situation probably feels pretty smug about his mad costume-making skills.

OTH_food costume_vending machine
Source: Pinterest

3. Adorable dinner
Chef dad knows the recipe for a successful couple costume.

OTH_food costume_lobster
Source: She Finds

4. Taco ‘bout a good costume

This baby’s dad took his love of tacos to the next level with this culinary crawler costume.
OTH_food costume_taco
Source: Shein

5. Foodie family
The whole family got involved in making this barbecue ensemble happen.

OTH_food costume_ketchup mustard
Source: Hub Pages

6. Baby table
This problem-solving papa got hungry after 2 hours of holding his baby in her favourite sleeping position.

OTH_food costume_baby table
Source: Bored Panda

7. Tiny takeout
This papa put his noodle to good use coming up with a costume that transforms his little girl into a takeout box brimming with chow mein.

OTH_food costume_chinese takeout
Source: Obsev

8. We apologise
Using nothing but a tortilla, this child’s father made his sweet baby look scarier than at least half the things on the internet.

OTH_food costume_tortilla
Source: Bored Panda

9. BLT: Baby, Lettuce and Tomato
Fathers, be careful not to get too hungry – you might deliriously mistake your baby for a tasty sandwich filling!

OTH_food costume_baby sandwich
Source: Pinterest


How to Prepare for the Ultimate Friday Night In

So you’re staying in this Friday night. Great decision. Staying in is a great way to avoid the winter chill, pants and other people. But all Friday nights in aren’t created equal; you’ll need to lay a little groundwork to make it a success. We’ve done heaps of scientific research to come up with the perfect five-step plan to WIN at staying in on a Friday night.

OTH_Friday Night In
1. Let people know it’s a choice

Some people may see your Friday night in as a sign that you have no friends. But we both know you’re cool as hell, so make sure you tell the world in no uncertain terms that you’ve chosen this path. Post a cute selfie with the caption ‘FRI-YAY NIGHT IN!’ early in the evening. This won’t be the last photo of the night, stay tuned.

2. Construct a nest
Helpless baby birds couldn’t survive a Friday night without a nest and neither can you. Gather your fluffiest, warmest, comfiest blankets and pillow and arrange them in front of the TV. You want plenty of padding for where your bum will be but you also want mountains of manchester surrounding you as well. Here’s a good way to make sure your nest is cozy enough: climb into the nest and if you feel like you might leave within the next hundred years, you need more blankets.

OTH_Friday Night In Blankets

3. Use technology to get people to bring you food
Before you settle into the nest, you’ll need to sort out your snacking. Food is the backbone of a good Friday night in, but it’s also important that you lift as few fingers as possible to get that food. We have a simple solution for this one. Whip out your phone, download the Deliveroo app or visit deliveroo.com.au and order Oriental Teahouse dumplings, noodles and other dim sum delivered to your door. They have a reputation for delivering food in about 32 minutes, so you won’t have to wait long.

4. Select your viewing for the evening
As mentioned above, it won’t take long for your Oriental Teahouse food to be delivered, so you can’t partake in too much mindless scrolling. Ideally you’d been thinking about what to watch while you should have been working at work that day. But if you’re really stuck in a scroll spiral, you can narrow down your choices by asking yourself, ‘What would someone who didn’t have thousands of movies at their disposal watch?’ Or, WWSWDHTMTDW?

OTH_Friday Night In Scrolling

5. Post another photo
This follow-up pic should quash any rumours that you have no friends and had to stay in. After your nest is constructed and your food has arrived, take a bird’s eye shot of the whole situation and post it with the caption, ‘When my Friday night in is better than your Friday night out.’


Animals That Are Really Ready for Winter

When the weather turns chilly, humans pull on the jumpers, wrap up in scarves and stock the tea cupboard. And as it turns out, animals prepare for winter in a similar way. Did they learn it from us or did we learn it from them? We’ll never know. But we do know you’ll love this list of animals that are really ready for winter 2016, With or without the hashtag, #WINTERISCOMING.

1. Fair-weather ferrets

Thanks to these ferret-shaped ferret jumpers, not even the chilliest of days will stop this pair from feeling fine!

Winter animals_ferrets
Photo: Very Hangry

2. Teenage mutant cosy turtles

These turtles throwback to their dino ancestors while enjoying the warming benefits of shell sweaters.

Winter animals_turtles
Photo: Distractify

3. Hot chicks

Chickens don’t have mirrors, but that’s okay because they can bend their necks to get a good look at their dapper winter wear!

Winter animals_chicken
Photo: Awesomely Cute

4. Long-necked llama

Also known as A Llama Happily Demonstrates the Inefficiency of Human Scarves on Long Llama Necks.

Winter animals_llama
Photo: The Loft On Broome

5. Piggy banking on winter rain

It’s ironic because people put money in a piggy bank to save for a rainy day.

Winter animals_piggie
Photo: Pinterest

6. Penguin Sweaters

True story: A 109-year old Australian human knits sweaters for penguins to protect them from oil spills.

Photo: Spy Hollywood

7. DIY hedgehog spa

This little hedgehog is patiently waiting for someone to pour themselves a cup of tea and turn his hideout into a spa.

Winter animals_hedgehog
Photo: Cutest Paw

8. Partially-covered parrot

Polly really likes his hoodie, but she’s worried about her wings getting cold (and the crackers running out).

Winter animals_parrot
Photo: A Plus

9. Puppy perfection

This list wouldn’t be complete without a good old-fashioned puppy in a sweater situation.

Winter animals_puppy
Photo: Cartoon Doll Emporium 

10. High fashion horses

Thank goodness tiny horses take their winter fashion cues from humans – the result is adorable!

Winter animals_tiny horses
Photo: Imgur