7 Unique Ways to Give Mum Flowers on Mother’s Day

Every single mother is unique: each has an individual outlook on life, their own way of parenting and their own personality. Some bake cakes, some garden and others run around doing so many things it’s hard to pin down what they do. Regardless, mothers are awesome. There’s no denying it, but we should also celebrate their diversity. Why give your mum the same thing as all the other mums this Mother’s Day? What makes your mum your mum? Here are 7 twists on the usual bouquet that you can try to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

1. Paper flowers

Grab your mum’s favourite colours on card, crepe or paper and craft your own bouquet to last years, not days. Here are some step-by-step instructions.

2. Plant a flower in advance

If you really want to get in early, plant your own flowers or herbs in a pot and present her with something home-grown. After all, home is where the heart is. Follow tips for gardening basics through Today’s Homeowner.

3. Pressed flowers

Preserve your mother’s favourite blooms by pressing and mounting them behind glass onto a framed board. We’ve found some examples for you.


4. Put flowers in cake

Purchase some edible flowers from the market and use them to decorate a cake. If you’re stretched for time, there’s always the quick option: buy some chocolates, muffins or cakes with a flower theme. If you need some pointers, try these.

5. Seed card

The gift that keeps on giving: somewhere in the super eco world, someone invented plantable stationery – paper and cards sewn with seeds. Choose from a range of options, from carrots to daisies, to give your Mother’s Day card a twist. Here and here are some seeded cards available in Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.57.14 am

6. Jewellery

Is your mother a brooch or badge kind of woman? Or is she the kind who enjoys long and loopy necklaces? Bracelets, rings, earrings and hairpieces – the possibilities of flower jewellery available are endless. Find some inspiration from Georgia P designs.


7. Oriental Teahouse Mother’s Day Tea

There are few people who don’t like tea and mums especially enjoy it. Our Mother’s Day special pack is twice as nice: a box of silver needle tea coupled with a treasure chest of carnation flowers that blossom when brewed in hot water. A sweet and delicate treat for the number one lady in your life, available now here.



How to Pick the Right Flowers This Mother’s Day

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.54.10 pm

Source: Flowers Across Melbourne

Showering someone with love often involves flowers. But before you pick a bouquet of blooms for mum this Mother’s Day, take a minute to make your choice extra meaningful. Here’s a quick guide to the best buds for Mother’s Day, based on what each flower traditionally symbolises.

Pink rose: admiration/appreciation

People are named after them, Shakespeare wrote a soliloquy about them, the President of the United States has a whole garden of them – it’s safe to say that people love roses! Roses are a safe choice but a foolproof one.

Pansy: loving thoughts

Pansies come in a crazy number of colour combinations, so a mixed bunch of them really pops! These flowers are especially cool because they can sing. Well, they can in Alice in Wonderland at least.

Orange blossom: fertility

Not only do orange blossoms smell AMAZING, they’re also quite relevant to the whole mother thing. You probably see the connection.

Sunflower: adoration

Could any flower be more cheery than the sunflower? They’re big, bright, beautiful and totally underrated when it comes to bouquets.

Pink tulip: caring

We like tulips because they’re kind of cup-shaped and we like to dream of sipping tea out of them at some sort of whimsical flower-themed tea party with talking woodland creatures. Your mum probably daydreams about stuff like that, too.

Wisteria: steadfast

‘Wisteria’ is kind of a stern-sounding word, but these blooms are LUCIOUS. They’re a gorgeous purple colour and they hang down so elegantly. A real treat for the eyeballs!

Jasmine: grace and elegance

Your mum has a lot in common with the jasmine flower! Graceful, elegant and perhaps she smells nice, too? Don’t ask us, we haven’t smelled your mum because that would be weird. These flowers are pure white and delicate; a beautiful choice for a bouquet.


Source: Etsy Cold Porcelain

Pink carnation: gratitude

Carnations are possibly one of the most widely-used blooms in the world – perhaps because they’re pretty or perhaps they’re easy to grow. But if you associate them too strongly with ‘prom’ scenes in American movies from the 80s, maybe gives these guys a miss.

Camellia: graciousness

Camellia flowers are crazy-pretty. Like when you were a kid and you drew the most beautiful flower you could think of, it probably resembled the camellia. And it means gracious, which your mum almost certainly is!

Gardenia: joy

If you’re happy and you know it, go with gardenia! These blooms don’t last long, but their stunning fragrance will flood your mum with some serious joy.

Iris: inspiration

Bet mum has inspired you on more than one occasion! Irises have a lot going on in terms of petal shape, making them beautiful and complex to the eye. Does that sound like anyone you know?

Lotus: ultimate perfection (a favourite in Chinese culture!)

Lotus flowers are big, so if you can get your hands on them, one or two would do! In Chinese culture, it symbolises purity of the heart and mind and represents long life, humility, honour and tranquility.

Source: New Flower Wallpaper

Christmas Party Tips + Etiquette

OTH Christmas Party Etiquette

1. Food Etiquette

Have you ever seen a picture of a little squirrel stockpiling acorns for the winter? This scene is your inspiration for handling nibbles at a Christmas party. Never let a tray pass you by without plucking something from it and feel free to pursue the waiter if he misses you. As for chewing, make black holes your muse and try to inhale edibles quickly and infinitely.

2. Dancing Etiquette

No one wants to be that guy or girl who cops flack on Monday morning for dirty dancing at the Christmas party. This is a unique opportunity for you to boost your office persona as well as save colleagues from humiliation. Scan the dance floor for a colleague that’s getting a little too low or toying with the idea of twerking and nip their dirty dancing in the bud with a ‘clean-up conga’. Invite them to hop on first and within moments, everyone will be snaking around the room in a good, wholesome clean-up conga line. Not a dirty move or hurtful party recap in sight!

3. Drinks Etiquette

The ‘tab’ or ‘drinks package’ is always a hot topic of conversation in the lead-up to a work Christmas party – this is because the tab usually runs out before people want it to. What you should do is pick up a couple cases of a popular beverage and stash them somewhere near the party. When the tab inevitably runs its course, set up shop with your back-up booze. If you’re in it for the money, charge your colleagues triple what it cost you. If you’re in it for the glory, charge them double. Cha-ching!

4. Fashion Etiquette

Obviously, if the host has mandated a theme, go with that. But if it’s a fashion free-for-all, your best bet is to wear something that passes for a good party outfit just as well as it passes for a waiter’s uniform. All kinds of things pop up at Christmas parties – staff shortages, technical difficulties, etc. You never know when you’ll need to masquerade as staff to save the day or keep the party going smoothly. It’s just good business.

5. Follow-Up Etiquette

On Monday morning, there’s going to be a lot of Christmas party talk going on. Some people will focus on the negative (‘Did you see his cuffed pants?’) and others will enjoy reminiscing about the positives (‘All the twinkling lights made me feel like I was in Rome.’). What you should focus on is the food. But don’t just stop at saying it was ‘delicious’ or even ‘exquisite.’ Every time the Christmas party comes up, launch into your nibble appreciation with startling detail. This sample praise should get you started: “When I sunk my teeth into the Thai chicken croquettes, I was transported to the streets of Bangkok – the bite of the chilli, the mystery of the cumin, the lingering coriander… together they became the bustle of Asia’s Sin City.”

Tell Someone You Love Them… With Food

How to Show Someone That You Love Them With Food

Talk is cheap unless you can back it up with something scrumptious. Don’t wait for a special occasion to tell a secret crush how you feel, your sweetheart how much they mean to you or your mum that you love her. Tell them you care out of the blue the best way we know how… by appealing to the tummy.


1. Make them feel eggstra special with a hard-boiled heart egg

Heart Egg
Photo source: Bon Appetit


2. Chop carrots into little hearts because you can

Heart Carrot
Photo source: The Sister Cafe

3. Make heart-shaped cupcakes by baking them with a marble – their tummy won’t know the difference but their eyeballs will!

Heart Cupcakes
Photo source: Amanda’s Cookin


4. Get crafty with adorable DIY lolly jars

Valentine's Day Candy Jars
Photo source: Momtastic and The Feathered Arrow


5. Say ‘stuff it’ and treat your special someone to the ultimate grown up treat at Zhou Zhou (upstairs at Oriental Teahouse Chapel Street): an Adult’s Only Yum Cha session with cocktails.
Every Sunday midday until 2.30pm. Call to book: 9826 0169  


Quick and East Yum Cha Party Ideas

Yum cha parties are like high tea parties… but better. High tea suffers from a serious lack of dumplings and when it comes to attire, kimonos are way more comfortable than petticoats (plus you can fit more food in).

We love yum cha at Oriental Teahouse, so we want to help you throw the best yum cha party ever. Our list of top yum cha party ideas will have you well on your way to soiree success without spending a bundle.

  1. YUM CHA

First and foremost – the food! Your guests will be expecting a delectable yum cha spread and the food will be the centrepiece of your party. Preparing yum cha is fun but it’s very time consuming. Save yourself the hassle and pick up pre-prepared yum cha from your nearest Oriental Teahouse. Stock up on our dumplings, wontons and pork buns the day before and steam or fry them when your guests arrive. Shop online here or pick them up in-store.

Yum Cha


Nothing complements yum cha like tea. Brew nice strong batches of our raspberry and lime tea, peach melba tea or vanilla and cream tea to create beautiful alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, and then let them chill in the refrigerator. When they’re chilled, throw in chunks of fruit, a dash of sugar or honey and, for the grown-ups, a bit of vodka or Malibu and you’re good to go! Check out our fruity teas here.

Iced Tea
Photo source: Life of the Party Always

  1. DÉCOR

Making your own decorations is a breeze. All you need is paper (preferably a mix of red, white and fancy Asian-style patterns), string, tape, scissors and a hole punch.

Start by folding a sheet of paper accordion style:Accordion

Then fold the strip over and hole punch it at the fold (it’ll be pretty thick but your hole puncher should be able to get through it; if not, use the point of the scissors):
Punching Hole

Thread a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot. At this point, you can make the decoration a little fancier by cutting shapes out of the folded paper, like this:

Cutting Shapes

Fan both sides and tape the open ends together to complete the circle. Then hang them!


Your guests need something to do between munching, sipping and marvelling at your decorations. Set up two stations – one for creating personalised chopsticks and another for decorating fortune cookies.

Personalised Chopsticks
What you need: Box of cheap wooden chopsticks from a $2 shop, a few bottles of nail polish and sand paper

If you buy chopsticks that are joined together at the ends, carefully break the sets apart and sand them to complete smoothness. When you’re setting up, cover a tabletop with newspaper, lay all the supplies out and make a sign with instructions – be sure to make it very clear on the sign that people shouldn’t paint the pointy end that will be touching food!

Photo source: High Walls Blog

Fortune Cookie Decorating
What you need: Plain fortune cookies, white melting chocolate, milk or dark melting chocolate, sprinkles, crushed up candies and any other fun food decorations you love.

Set it all up at a decorating station so guests can dip the fortune cookies in the melted chocolate, cover them in sprinkles and do all kinds of fancy things.

decorated fortune cookie
Photo source: Fancy Fortune Cookies


Send your guests home with a delectable reminder of the party. Little moneybags of chocolate coins are just the thing. Not only are they super easy to put together, they’re also right on the money with your yum cha theme (pun intended). All you need is gold-wrapped chocolate coins, plain brown paper and string. Cut the brown paper into squares, put a little pile of chocolate coins in the middle, gather the paper around it and tie it with a bow.

Chocolate Coin Moneybags
Photo source: Babyology

A Case for Drink B4 Drink Tea: The 13 Worst Things About Being Hungover

Can you believe we’re already a month into spring? In fact, the Spring Racing Carnival 2014 started on September 20th! From now until the end of the year, Melbourne comes alive. There’s the AFL Grand Final this weekend, Les Misérables is entertaining tourists and residents alike, there’s the Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne Festival and so much more. It will be Christmas before we know it.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 5.37.48 PM

With all the celebration and festivities ultimately comes a whole lot of drinking, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel rubbish as a result. One way to fight hangovers and feeling under the weather is with our Drink B4 Drink signature blend tea. A combination of kudzu vine flowers, ginger, lemongrass, mandarin peel and orange peel, it’s as tasty as it is effective. We recommend drinking it before a night out, as well as when you get home. Not only are you rehydrating your body after alcohol, the ingredients work together to sooth the stomach and energise you.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.31.40 PM

We’re not saying you have to sip Drink B4 Drink, we’re just saying that you’d probably rather not have to experience these 13 Worst Things in The World about being Hungover:

  1. Daylight.
  2. Wearing sunglasses to breakfast. Then lunch. And then dinner.
  3. Not being able to drive for fear of still being under the influence.
  4. Having to catch public transport, anywhere.
  5. Waking up to the sound of violent drilling, then realizing it’s a pounding headache.
  6. Eating MacDonald’s in an attempt to cure yourself and just feeling worse.
  7. Falling asleep at work/university/standing up.
  8. The spinning.
  9. Dry retching when someone mentions the word ‘beer’.
  10. Seeing the text messages you sent the night before.
  11. Visiting the ‘recent’ calls on your phone the next morning.
  12. No one giving you pity, because it’s self-induced pain.
  13. Everyone laughing at you, because it’s self-induced pain.