Tea: is there anything it can’t do?

The healing and de-stressing properties of tea have been used in China since ancient times, but there’s no reason you can’t incorporate these uses into every day life. Results are different for everyone (please see disclaimer at the bottom of this post), but teas are a completely natural remedy to complement your daily routine. Give it a go, at the very least, you’ll hydrate your body, enjoy the tea drinking ritual and drink something that tastes great!

The problem: uneven or spotty skin
Tea solution: Long Jing TeaSilver Tip or Refreshing Tea
Why: Cleaning your body with theses teas and your skin will follow! Each is completely pure and high in antioxidants, working to detox the inside and eventually the outside.


The problem: I want to look younger!
Tea solution: Diamonds & Roses or Pure Rose
Why: The flowers in these teas clear build-ups and blockages, ideal for skin tone and circulation and therefore making you look fresher and brighter.


The problem: I’m not loving these love handles…
Tea solution: Pu Erh or Black Dragon Oolong
Why: These teas cut through oils and fats from food and help flush out your system.

The problem: De-stress me!
Tea solution: Calm & Concentration or Relaxing Tea or Relaxing Herbs
Why: These teas send nourishment straight to your heart, increasing attentiveness and recall ability.


The problem: Beat that cold!
Tea solution: Dark Earth
Why: Aged pu erh balances the body, honey sooths the throat and ginger protects against sickness. Also contains preserved mandarin peel, peppermint and lemongrass.

The problem: Help me teatox!
Tea solution: Dandelion or Camomile
Why: These teas work to gently clean out your system, getting rid of any nasty build-ups along the way.

The problem: More ZzZzs, please!
Tea solution: Relaxing Tea or Relaxing Herbs
Why: The perfect mix of herbs to improve circulation, neutralise the body and leave you feeling balanced before bedtime.


The problem: I ate too much, help me digest!
Tea solution: Ginger & BarleyLemongrass & Ginger or Peppermint
Why: Thanks to their warming effects, these teas encourage circulation in the stomach, and therefore the breakdown of food.

The problem: I want an energy booster!
Tea solution: Ginseng or Happy Tea
Why: The ginseng element in these teas is known as the king of tonics, so be prepared for a much-needed spark!

Disclaimer: please note that medicinal qualities of each of these teas are based on ancient Chinese practices. Symptoms that appear the same on surface level may have a different root cause depending on the individual. If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or are taking medication, please consult your doctor first. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Tea should not necessarily be used in place of western medicine.

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