Animals That Are Really Ready for Winter

When the weather turns chilly, humans pull on the jumpers, wrap up in scarves and stock the tea cupboard. And as it turns out, animals prepare for winter in a similar way. Did they learn it from us or did we learn it from them? We’ll never know. But we do know you’ll love this list of animals that are really ready for winter 2016, With or without the hashtag, #WINTERISCOMING.

1. Fair-weather ferrets

Thanks to these ferret-shaped ferret jumpers, not even the chilliest of days will stop this pair from feeling fine!

Winter animals_ferrets
Photo: Very Hangry

2. Teenage mutant cosy turtles

These turtles throwback to their dino ancestors while enjoying the warming benefits of shell sweaters.

Winter animals_turtles
Photo: Distractify

3. Hot chicks

Chickens don’t have mirrors, but that’s okay because they can bend their necks to get a good look at their dapper winter wear!

Winter animals_chicken
Photo: Awesomely Cute

4. Long-necked llama

Also known as A Llama Happily Demonstrates the Inefficiency of Human Scarves on Long Llama Necks.

Winter animals_llama
Photo: The Loft On Broome

5. Piggy banking on winter rain

It’s ironic because people put money in a piggy bank to save for a rainy day.

Winter animals_piggie
Photo: Pinterest

6. Penguin Sweaters

True story: A 109-year old Australian human knits sweaters for penguins to protect them from oil spills.

Photo: Spy Hollywood

7. DIY hedgehog spa

This little hedgehog is patiently waiting for someone to pour themselves a cup of tea and turn his hideout into a spa.

Winter animals_hedgehog
Photo: Cutest Paw

8. Partially-covered parrot

Polly really likes his hoodie, but she’s worried about her wings getting cold (and the crackers running out).

Winter animals_parrot
Photo: A Plus

9. Puppy perfection

This list wouldn’t be complete without a good old-fashioned puppy in a sweater situation.

Winter animals_puppy
Photo: Cartoon Doll Emporium 

10. High fashion horses

Thank goodness tiny horses take their winter fashion cues from humans – the result is adorable!

Winter animals_tiny horses
Photo: Imgur


The 9 Cutest Photos of Animals in Teacups (Plus a Bonus Photo!)

As you know, we love tea at Oriental Tea House. But no matter how much we love tea, there’s one thing we’d rather put in a teacup: A TINY ANIMAL! Pour yourself a lovely cup of tea and scroll through our favourite photos of ridiculously cute animals chilling in teacups.

We’ll start with a classic choice – a forlorn-looking puppy in pink teacup.

baby puppy 2
Photo source:

Bonus points for the bunny ears flopping over the sides of the teacup.

baby rabbits
Photo source:

We call this ‘The Tiny, Tiny Kitten Looks Her Captor Directly in the Eyes’

baby kitten
Photo source:

No, listen – that’s a regular-sized teacup!

baby pigs
Photo source:

Of all the animals in teacups, this hedgehog is the happiest animal in a teacup.

bay hedgehog
Photo source:

Not pictured: TEENY TINY duckling legs paddling furiously to get to the other side of the teacup.

baby ducks
Photo source:

Another puppy only because we’re not sure if it’s a puppy or some animal made up for fairy tales.

white puppy
Photo source:

This baby fox wasn’t quite crafty enough to keep the humans from putting him in a teacup.

baby fox
Photo source:

‘I may be merely a mini meerkat, but I’m proud of the mini meerkat I see when I peer in the mirror’

baby meerkat
Photo source:

BONUS! A weensie little turtle eating from the wrong end of a strawberry.

baby turtle
Photo source: