7 Unique Ways to Give Mum Flowers on Mother’s Day

Every single mother is unique: each has an individual outlook on life, their own way of parenting and their own personality. Some bake cakes, some garden and others run around doing so many things it’s hard to pin down what they do. Regardless, mothers are awesome. There’s no denying it, but we should also celebrate their diversity. Why give your mum the same thing as all the other mums this Mother’s Day? What makes your mum your mum? Here are 7 twists on the usual bouquet that you can try to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

1. Paper flowers

Grab your mum’s favourite colours on card, crepe or paper and craft your own bouquet to last years, not days. Here are some step-by-step instructions.

2. Plant a flower in advance

If you really want to get in early, plant your own flowers or herbs in a pot and present her with something home-grown. After all, home is where the heart is. Follow tips for gardening basics through Today’s Homeowner.

3. Pressed flowers

Preserve your mother’s favourite blooms by pressing and mounting them behind glass onto a framed board. We’ve found some examples for you.


4. Put flowers in cake

Purchase some edible flowers from the market and use them to decorate a cake. If you’re stretched for time, there’s always the quick option: buy some chocolates, muffins or cakes with a flower theme. If you need some pointers, try these.

5. Seed card

The gift that keeps on giving: somewhere in the super eco world, someone invented plantable stationery – paper and cards sewn with seeds. Choose from a range of options, from carrots to daisies, to give your Mother’s Day card a twist. Here and here are some seeded cards available in Australia.

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6. Jewellery

Is your mother a brooch or badge kind of woman? Or is she the kind who enjoys long and loopy necklaces? Bracelets, rings, earrings and hairpieces – the possibilities of flower jewellery available are endless. Find some inspiration from Georgia P designs.


7. Oriental Teahouse Mother’s Day Tea

There are few people who don’t like tea and mums especially enjoy it. Our Mother’s Day special pack is twice as nice: a box of silver needle tea coupled with a treasure chest of carnation flowers that blossom when brewed in hot water. A sweet and delicate treat for the number one lady in your life, available now here.



How to Pick the Right Flowers This Mother’s Day

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Source: Flowers Across Melbourne

Showering someone with love often involves flowers. But before you pick a bouquet of blooms for mum this Mother’s Day, take a minute to make your choice extra meaningful. Here’s a quick guide to the best buds for Mother’s Day, based on what each flower traditionally symbolises.

Pink rose: admiration/appreciation

People are named after them, Shakespeare wrote a soliloquy about them, the President of the United States has a whole garden of them – it’s safe to say that people love roses! Roses are a safe choice but a foolproof one.

Pansy: loving thoughts

Pansies come in a crazy number of colour combinations, so a mixed bunch of them really pops! These flowers are especially cool because they can sing. Well, they can in Alice in Wonderland at least.

Orange blossom: fertility

Not only do orange blossoms smell AMAZING, they’re also quite relevant to the whole mother thing. You probably see the connection.

Sunflower: adoration

Could any flower be more cheery than the sunflower? They’re big, bright, beautiful and totally underrated when it comes to bouquets.

Pink tulip: caring

We like tulips because they’re kind of cup-shaped and we like to dream of sipping tea out of them at some sort of whimsical flower-themed tea party with talking woodland creatures. Your mum probably daydreams about stuff like that, too.

Wisteria: steadfast

‘Wisteria’ is kind of a stern-sounding word, but these blooms are LUCIOUS. They’re a gorgeous purple colour and they hang down so elegantly. A real treat for the eyeballs!

Jasmine: grace and elegance

Your mum has a lot in common with the jasmine flower! Graceful, elegant and perhaps she smells nice, too? Don’t ask us, we haven’t smelled your mum because that would be weird. These flowers are pure white and delicate; a beautiful choice for a bouquet.


Source: Etsy Cold Porcelain

Pink carnation: gratitude

Carnations are possibly one of the most widely-used blooms in the world – perhaps because they’re pretty or perhaps they’re easy to grow. But if you associate them too strongly with ‘prom’ scenes in American movies from the 80s, maybe gives these guys a miss.

Camellia: graciousness

Camellia flowers are crazy-pretty. Like when you were a kid and you drew the most beautiful flower you could think of, it probably resembled the camellia. And it means gracious, which your mum almost certainly is!

Gardenia: joy

If you’re happy and you know it, go with gardenia! These blooms don’t last long, but their stunning fragrance will flood your mum with some serious joy.

Iris: inspiration

Bet mum has inspired you on more than one occasion! Irises have a lot going on in terms of petal shape, making them beautiful and complex to the eye. Does that sound like anyone you know?

Lotus: ultimate perfection (a favourite in Chinese culture!)

Lotus flowers are big, so if you can get your hands on them, one or two would do! In Chinese culture, it symbolises purity of the heart and mind and represents long life, humility, honour and tranquility.

Source: New Flower Wallpaper