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9 Times Dads Dressed Their Kids as Food

Every father is different. Each dad brings his own style and personality to parenting to connect with their child in their own special way. But judging by the internet, there’s one thing the majority of dads have in common – a strange but wonderful need to dress their child as food. We’re prepared to prove it with nine examples of dads dressing their kids as food. It’s Father’s Day coming up and this is our tribute to the fathers of the world, Oriental Teahouse-style.

1. Congratulations, it’s a kiwi!
We applaud this dad for his keen observational skills – most parents wouldn’t notice that their baby’s head looks like a giant kiwi!

OTH_food costume_kiwi
Source: Bored Panda

2. Son of a glue gun
The father that came up with this snack machine situation probably feels pretty smug about his mad costume-making skills.

OTH_food costume_vending machine
Source: Pinterest

3. Adorable dinner
Chef dad knows the recipe for a successful couple costume.

OTH_food costume_lobster
Source: She Finds

4. Taco ‘bout a good costume

This baby’s dad took his love of tacos to the next level with this culinary crawler costume.
OTH_food costume_taco
Source: Shein

5. Foodie family
The whole family got involved in making this barbecue ensemble happen.

OTH_food costume_ketchup mustard
Source: Hub Pages

6. Baby table
This problem-solving papa got hungry after 2 hours of holding his baby in her favourite sleeping position.

OTH_food costume_baby table
Source: Bored Panda

7. Tiny takeout
This papa put his noodle to good use coming up with a costume that transforms his little girl into a takeout box brimming with chow mein.

OTH_food costume_chinese takeout
Source: Obsev

8. We apologise
Using nothing but a tortilla, this child’s father made his sweet baby look scarier than at least half the things on the internet.

OTH_food costume_tortilla
Source: Bored Panda

9. BLT: Baby, Lettuce and Tomato
Fathers, be careful not to get too hungry – you might deliriously mistake your baby for a tasty sandwich filling!

OTH_food costume_baby sandwich
Source: Pinterest


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