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Dessert Dumplings Recipe

Mango Dessert Dumplings

OTH Blog - Mango Dumplings Recipe

Newsflash: WE LOVE DUMPLINGS. We like ‘em savoury, we like ‘em sweet and we think they should be eaten in the morning, afternoon and night. You can always get your dumpling fix at Oriental Teahouse, but sometimes you just need to do things for yourself. If you’ve had a DIY dumpling urge in your system for awhile now, these super-easy mango dessert dumplings will sort you out.

Thanks to Wholesome Cook for the awesome recipe and photo.

What You Need:

16 pre-made dumpling dough discs (look in the cold section of your supermarket)
400g fresh mango, peeled and diced finely

Lime Syrup
Juice of one lime
1 tablespoon coconut milk

To Serve
Shredded coconut
Mint leaves


– Hold a dumpling dough disc in the palm of your hand and brush edges with water
– Place a heaped teaspoon of diced mango flesh in the middle of the disc and fold the pastry as you would a taco, in half
– Press the edges of the pastry together, keeping the mango inside (the water you brushed on makes it sticky to help seal it)
– Work your way around the edge of your half-moon shaped dumpling, gathering the dough and pressing it to get that classic crimped edge you see on dumplings
– Repeat with remaining dumplings
– Steam dumplings in a paper-lined steamer for 3 or so minutes for the pastry to cook
– Serve warm with a side of the lime syrup and some shredded coconut

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