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10 Amazing Food World Records

You’re probably a pretty motivated person, setting goals for yourself and what not. A few of those goals have probably pertained to eating, whether you resolved to eat less, eat more or eat something specific. Not to belittle you and your goals, but we’ve come across a handful of individuals who have taken food goals to epic proportions. The sort of proportions that land you in a book of world records. The list is amazing, flabbergasting and disgusting and perfectly sums up a strange breed of champion. Without further ado…

  1. Largest hot dog commercially available
    Sold at Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats, this enormous wiener weighs 3.18kg and costs US$40.

    worldrecord_hot dog

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  1. Most cheeses named in 10 seconds
    UK-based Paul Melia names 45 different types of cheeses in 10 seconds – watch the video here.


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  1. Most Big Macs ever consumed
    American Donald A. Gorske ate his 26,000th Big Mac after 40 years of eating them daily.

    worldrecord_big macs

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  1. Largest serve of guacamole
    Mexico City smashed this record with 2,670kg serve of guac – made with two and a have tonnes of avocado, 113kg of onions, 320kg of tomatoes and 110 litres of lemon juice.

    worldrecord_largest guac

(photo source: http://

  1. Largest serving of mashed potato
    This 1,042kg vat of mash-pot was pulled off by French chef Joël Robuchon in 2012.

    worldrecord_mashed potato

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  1. Most potatoes held in one hand
    Tai Star holds 16 potatoes (a mix of gold and sweet potatoes) in one hand and films for Record Setter; according to Star, his ‘hand is not extraordinarily big.’

    worldrecord_potatoes held

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  1. Largest plate of nachos
    The congregation of a church in Texas, USA, built a serve of nachos that weighed 1,612kg and stretched nearly 15 metres.

    worldrecord_largest nachos

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  1. Tallest stack of pancakes
    In 2011, the UK’s Food Network cooked and stacked 725 pancakes, beating the previous record of a measly 672 pancakes.

    worldrecord_tallest stack pancakes

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  1. Most people making dumplings at one time
    We like this one! In Changchun, Jilin Province, China, 2,012 people got together to make dumplings. The record doesn’t show how many they made, but it was probably enough for a province-wide yum cha.


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  1. Most loaves of bread squeezed in 60 seconds
    Canadian Mel Sampson squeezed 60 loaves of bread in 60 seconds, claiming the world record and becoming the world’s top speed bread squeezer.

    worldrecord_bread squeeze

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