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10 Times a Teapot Was Used for Something Other Than Tea

1. The teapot terrarium, a cute twist on the terrarium trend that’s seen thousands of succulents imprisoned in glass spheres

Teapot Terrarium
Photo source: Top Carl


2. The teapot light fixtures, which prove to be just as confusing as they are convenient at tea time

Teapot Light Fixtures
Photo source: Home Girl London


3. The teapot birdhouse to house the little songbirds, who enjoy living somewhere that smells faintly of Early Grey

Teapot Birdhouse
Photo source: Funky Junk Interiors


4. The teapot fountain, an impressive feat of design and some very complicated string work

Teapot Fountain
Photo source: Ravelry


5. The teapot planters lining the a stairway that’s so whimsical it could only lead to some sort of tea heaven

Teapot Planters
Photo source: Tumblr


6. The teapot wind chime to warn you of approaching tea thieves

Teapot Windchime
Photo source: Shop Irish


7. The half-teapot storage solutions we’ve all been waiting for

Teapot Hooks
Photo source: Not on the High Street


8. The teapot that doubles as a most unusual shell for this hermit crab

Teapot Shell
Photo source: Reddit


9. The teapot desk lamp to shed light on any situation

Teapot Desk Lamp
Photo source: Upcycled Wonders


10. The teapot vase, which everyone and their mum is doing because it’s adorable and easy

Teapot Vase
Photo source: Etsy


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