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The 9 Cutest Photos of Animals in Teacups (Plus a Bonus Photo!)

As you know, we love tea at Oriental Tea House. But no matter how much we love tea, there’s one thing we’d rather put in a teacup: A TINY ANIMAL! Pour yourself a lovely cup of tea and scroll through our favourite photos of ridiculously cute animals chilling in teacups.

We’ll start with a classic choice – a forlorn-looking puppy in pink teacup.

baby puppy 2
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Bonus points for the bunny ears flopping over the sides of the teacup.

baby rabbits
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We call this ‘The Tiny, Tiny Kitten Looks Her Captor Directly in the Eyes’

baby kitten
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No, listen – that’s a regular-sized teacup!

baby pigs
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Of all the animals in teacups, this hedgehog is the happiest animal in a teacup.

bay hedgehog
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Not pictured: TEENY TINY duckling legs paddling furiously to get to the other side of the teacup.

baby ducks
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Another puppy only because we’re not sure if it’s a puppy or some animal made up for fairy tales.

white puppy
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This baby fox wasn’t quite crafty enough to keep the humans from putting him in a teacup.

baby fox
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‘I may be merely a mini meerkat, but I’m proud of the mini meerkat I see when I peer in the mirror’

baby meerkat
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BONUS! A weensie little turtle eating from the wrong end of a strawberry.

baby turtle
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