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Clothes and Accessories for Food Lovers (Just in Time for Christmas Shopping!)

Do you have a friend who’s a food lover but want to get them a gift that lasts this Christmas? Look no further, we’ve scoured the internet for food clothing and accessories that are good enough to eat (but we highly recommend against actually consuming them!).

1. Fried Egg Pin by Georgia Perry

Melbourne-based designer Georgia Perry nails pretty much everything, but there’s something extra-special about this simple sunny-side up accessory.

Wearing Food_Egg Pin

2. Lunch Tee by Dig Inn

While most food-frenzied designers slap a picture of food on their garments, Dig Inn pays tribute to the middle meal that can make or break a day. Few words are as loaded as LUNCH.

Wearing Food_Lunch Tee

3. Cheezel Ring by Eat Me Do

We’re not suggesting that you stop putting real Cheezels on your fingers, but this tempting piece of jewellery keeps your fingers Cheezel’d up between snacks.

Wearing Food_Cheezel Ring

Cheezel RING – made to order

4. Sushi Pants by Margaux

These Melbourne-based pants people make some seriously loud bottoms. It was hard to pick a favourite from the collection of sandwich pants, kiwi pants and cat pants, but we couldn’t go past sushi.

Wearing Food_Sushi Pants

5. Dumpling Necklace by Meliciap

Obviously we’d rather eat a dumpling than wear a dumpling, but if you’re wearing a dumpling WHILE eating a dumpling, your life is probably on track.

Wearing Food_Dumpling Necklace


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