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Treat yourself (and your tea) with beautiful tea-ware

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as taking your time to prepare a delicious cuppa. Inhaling the aroma of your freshly brewed tea before your first sip or sharing a steaming pot with friends is what it’s all about!

Sure, you can dunk a teabag in some hot water as you’re surfing for shows on Netflix, but your favourite high quality teas deserve better than that. Go on and #treatyoself!

Ready to make a life-changing cup of tea? Here’s what you need:

A good pot

Making sure your tea is prepared in a good pot adds to the quality of the brew so that you can really taste the difference. Our beautiful cast iron teapots last for decades – so your legacy of making the perfect cup of tea will survive for generations. Not to mention, they’re the best option if you’re prone to a spot of clumsiness or tend to move house a lot – they’re built to last.

They also stay hotter for longer and are great for teas that like the heat of boiling water – oolong, black tea, and certain types of green tea. The iron distributes the heat evenly and enhances the flavour. Drinking white tea or herbal tea? Those need less heat, and you can choose a glass pot instead.

A good mug

The cup you choose to drink your tea out of can make or break your cuppa. Just ask Janice from your office if you can borrow her cup and watch her freak out. No you cannot – it is her Special Mug.

You deserve a special mug too. We love the cup-for-one. It’s an elegant solution to all of those times you’ve been dying for a special cuppa but didn’t want to brew a huge pot just for yourself. (And you can glare at Janice if she even thinks about borrowing it.)

A good selection of tea

Nothing compares to the quality of wholesome, delicious loose leaf tea. Ditch the dingy teabags for an experience you won’t be able to turn back from. Trust us, being selective with your tea will open your eyes to everything you’ve been missing from your regular routine. Our signature 6 pack is perfect to try a few different flavours and help you figure out your faves.
Want to see how these items look, feel and work in the flesh? Pop by one of our stores to see them in action! While you’re here, why not have some delicious dumplings too? Make a booking and head on over!

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