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Your Personality According, to Teapots

It’s often said that what you wear says a lot about you as an individual. The same is true when it comes to your favourite teapot. We’ve compiled a list below to help you discover your deepest personality traits. Here’s how it works: scroll through the pictures, pick your favourite teapot, then read the excerpt to see which best describes you! Some of these teapots are wackier than your average, but we also have a vast range of elegant, Chinese teapots available to purchase online and in our stores.

1. Cat Teapot – Better off Alone
You’re independent and prefer to be alone, whether that’s getting the daily chores done or working in silence. Some thing your a little mysterious, while others just break your concentration, which is why tea for one suits you just fine.

Source: Fab

2. Cupcake Teapot – Sprinkles of Joy
You make every occasion a happy one. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a friend over or hosting a party; you’re all about sweets and sparkles. You go out of your way to make others smile and in doing so, make yourself cheerful as well.

Source: Mod Cloth

3. Multi-Spout Teapot – Multiple Personalities
You can’t be categorised because each mood and situation dictates how you behave. People often say you act differently in different environments, but that’s because you feel the most comfortable doing fitting in with your surroundings. Why settle for less when you can settle for more?

Source: Buzzfeed

4. Tentacle Teapot – Dark Side
You have a dark side and you’re proud of it. To the average person you’re just another guy/girl getting on with life, but you regularly catch yourself thinking up odd scenarios and doubting that other people have the same thoughts. Being different is what makes you, you.

Dark Side
Source: Saatchi Art

5. Skull Teapot – Goth
Just because you like nasty things doesn’t make you a nasty person. For you, household goods and items of clothing are simply a way to express your personality. Besides, you liked skulls before they were cool.

Source: Cake Head Loves Evil

6. Toilet Teapot – Potty Humour
“You can make me grow up, but you can’t make me be mature” is your motto. Poop, farts and all things dunny give you the giggles, even in adulthood. You’re not ashamed to put a hand under your armpit and flap until it fluffs. And why not? It makes you happy.

Source: Etsy

7. Mr Tea Teapot – Intellectual
Nothing tickles your fancy more than a good pun and a cuppa. You know better than anyone that sense of humour and smarts go hand in hand. You’ve been known to pun in isolation for the benefit of no one other than yourself. And if you ask us, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Mr Tea
Source: Etsy

8. Mickey Teapot – Young at Heart
You’re a sucker for the nostalgic; anything that reminds you of a time past and keeps it fresh in your memory. You have a tendency to look at old photos and daydream, not with sadness, but with an appreciation for your life thus far. Don’t change, it suits you.

Source: Lil Treasures

9. Silver Teapot – The Classic
You are the new black, and the old black, too. You’re always in fashion and people admire your taste. Elegant and ageless, you could exist between centuries and still fit in just fine. Although you may not be as outspoken as some, you remain a stand out.

Source: Style Me Pretty

10. Gypsy Teapot – Wanderer
You have a thirst for adventure that can only be defined as wanderlust. Nothing makes you happier than new experiences, whether at home or abroad. At one stage or another you’ve counted the countries you’ve been to and stood back proud of your achievement. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination.

Source: Dishfuntional Designs


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