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We stock an array of tea accessories in a wide range of designs and styles to help you make the perfect cup. Browse the range online and buy tea strainers, tins and trays to suit a wide range of tea leaves. Not just functional, our tea accessories are also a stylish addition to your kitchen. Still on the hunt for that perfect teapot? Check out our range of classic and contemporary teapots to help you brew a refreshing cup.

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Infinity Tray


This beautifully crafted traditional bamboo tray with intricate, etched, Chinese stamp & bamboo detail, is an excellent addition to any serving set. Simply place your cup on the top, pour the tea and the thin slits will catch any overspill.

33 cm in diameter & 7 cm in height

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Phonix Song Tray ( Large)


This bamboo tea tray will provide an elegant platform to display your tea set and tea when in use.

L 48cm / W 29cm / H 4cm

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Phoenix Song Tray (Small)


This bamboo tea tray will provide an elegant platform to display your tea set and tea when in use.

L 36.5cm / W 25.5cm / H 4cm

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Heart Warmer


Fill your home with the fragrance of your favourite tea burning atop our beautifully crafted glass burner Simply insert and light a tea candle to keep your pot just the right temperature.

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Steel Warmer


You only get the perfect cup of tea when you’ve got the perfect temperature. Sit this generously sized glass teapot with internal strainer on its steel frame and your tea will be kept warm and delicious by the slow burning oil lamp

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Teapot Warmer


No one likes it when a hot drink goes cold! Thankfully, next time your tea turns tepid, just place the pot on top of this ingenious little contraption and it’ll stay warm and delicious for as long as you want

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Sugar Pot – Earth


A spoonful of sugar helps your tea go down. A sturdy little ceramic sugar bowl with a molded organic shape and delicate design detail.

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Red Tea Tin


Store your teas in these elegant tea tins. These tins have a double lid seal, ensuring that your loose leaf tea stays fresh.  They look great lined up on a shelf!

Measures 10cm x 10cm x 18cm

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