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Choose from a wide selection of great tasting teas delivered to you at home, in the office, or anywhere you fancy.

For a versatile tea suitable for any time of day, choose from our green tea varieties. If you’re looking for something more traditional, browse our range of Chinese tea online, including Oolong, which delivers a floral and fragrant taste, or Sou Mei, with a sweet and citrusy aroma.

For a classic, full-bodied cup of tea, you can’t go past the Oriental Teahouse range of black teas, ranging from the fruity to the smoky.

Oriental Teahouse is also proud to offer a range of signature teas, hand selected and blended by owner David Zhou. Informed by David’s knowledge of mixing herbs that’s been passed down for generations, these truly unique teas deliver a variety of health benefits for the drinker.

Whatever the time of day, or whatever your preference, Oriental Teahouse sells an array of tea online to suit the occasion.

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Dark Earth Tea


A warming, mellow elixir to balance the body and fend off
nasty colds. Crafted from aged Pu Erh leaves, lemongrass, ginger,
peppermint & preserved mandarin peel to aid digestion, circulation and restore

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Strawberry and Cream


A decadent treat and ever so sweet strawberry and cream

Pure Lemongrass


A distinctive lemony aroma and flavour that awakens the palette. Delicious with a drop of honey.

Pure Rooibos


Naturally sweet and slightly nutty, rooibos can be enjoyed with a slice of lemon or honey if desired.

Pure Rose Hip


Pretty in pink, this tangy tea packs a Vitamin C punch that blows away any winter blues.

Pure Chamomile


With a beautiful floral bouquet, this deep yellow infusion can be enjoyed with either lemon or honey.

Pure Dandelion


The roots of this beautiful flower combine in a gentle duet of bitter and sweet.

Pure Peppermint


A bolt of cool and calming peppermint to sure put a spring in your step and feeling refreshed.!