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Choose from a wide selection of great tasting teas delivered to you at home, in the office, or anywhere you fancy.

For a versatile tea suitable for any time of day, choose from our green tea varieties. If you’re looking for something more traditional, browse our range of Chinese tea online, including Oolong, which delivers a floral and fragrant taste, or Sou Mei, with a sweet and citrusy aroma.

For a classic, full-bodied cup of tea, you can’t go past the Oriental Teahouse range of black teas, ranging from the fruity to the smoky.

Oriental Teahouse is also proud to offer a range of signature teas, hand selected and blended by owner David Zhou. Informed by David’s knowledge of mixing herbs that’s been passed down for generations, these truly unique teas deliver a variety of health benefits for the drinker.

Whatever the time of day, or whatever your preference, Oriental Teahouse sells an array of tea online to suit the occasion.

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Natural Best Pack


A mix of Herbal and Signature Teas:
G20g Ginger and Barley, 20g Lemongrass and Ginger, 15g Pure Chamomile, 20g Pure Dandelion, 20g Pure Ginseng, 20g Pure Peppermint, 20g Pure Rose, 20g Refreshing, 20g Relaxing, 20g Happy Tea, 2 sch Calm and Concentration.

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Green Tea 6 Pack


20g Jasmine, 20g Bi Luo Chun, 20g Long Jing, 20g Gen Mai Cha, 20g Vanilla Sencha

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Signature 6 Pack


20g Relaxing, 20g Ginger & Barley, 20g Refreshing, 20g Lemongrass ginger, 20g Happy Tea, 2 sch Calm & Concentration.

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Pu Erh Marjian


A mild and mellow tea with subtle, earthy undertones. The compressed form unsures purity of taste.

Pu Erh


Like a fine wine, this tea improves with age. Deep brown in colour, yet mellow, almost liqueur like. An ideal way to finish a perfect meal.

English Breakfast


A rich, robust blend of black teas. Spoil yourself all day, not just at breakfast.


Iron Buddha


One of the most famous of all Chinese Oolong teas, It is famous as a top grade oolong tea.This tea has a delightfully fresh fruity flavour.

Bi Luo Chun


A beautiful, clean flavoured tea that’s easy on the pallet. And did you know it is a top of the range green tea which means it takes around 70000 hand selected new buds to make 500g of tea.