Signature Tea 6 pack


The Signature six-pack is a curated selection of Oriental Teahouse classics that strike the ultimate balance in taste, texture and aroma. An all-rounder that includes spiced ginger options and more, live like the locals do from David’s hometown and enjoy a relaxing brew with dainty herbal notes. A must-have from this range is the Refreshing tea, popular for its sweet wolfberry component, made even better with a side of dumplings to nourish the senses.

• 20g Relaxing
• 20g Ginger & Barley
• 20g Refreshing
• 20g Lemongrass ginger
• 20g Happy Tea
• 2 sch Calm & Concentration.


Each gift pack comes with a bespoke teabag that can be filled and used up to three times a day. For every sachet, tea-lovers will get approximately three servings of loose leaf goodness, which can be re-used multiple times without sacrificing on flavour – a gift that keeps on giving in the run up to Christmas.

Our signature teas have been designed to do exactly what they have been named. Each unique blend has been carefully created by David Zhou himself to help assist a variety of health benefits. David’s knowledge of mixing herbs and teas comes from generations of Chinese culture.

Liquorice, wolfberry fruit, peppermint, Chinese dates & root panax ginseng
Known as the miracle tea, it leaves you feeling centered and content. Naturally sweet and caffeine free make it the start of a good night’s sleep.

Ginger, barley, oolong tea & dates
Warms the body while known to aid digestion, improve circulation and relieve sore joints.

Wolfberry fruit & chrysanthemum
Known to calm, cleanse and leave you feeling refreshed. The essential pick-me-up for avid readers or those working at computers. Good for your eyes & skin

Lemongrass & Ginger
This unique combination of powerful herbs aids digestion and is said to enhance circulation.

Codonsopsis tangshen, pseudostellarine, mandarin orange peel & Chinese dates
Said to help overcome tiredness and lethargy and as an added benefit it reduces bloating.

Longan aril, crystal sugar, green tea, mandarin orange peel, Chinese dates, chrysanthemum & wolfberry fruits
A tea that is known to aid memory function and enhances concentration. This tea is nourishing and is good for people whose minds are constantly hard at work during the day and for students.

6 sachets totalling 120gm, Packed in Australia

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