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Quick and Easy Yum Cha Party Ideas

Yum cha parties are like high tea parties… but better. High tea suffers from a serious lack of dumplings and when it comes to attire, kimonos are way more comfortable than petticoats (plus you can fit more food in).

We love yum cha at Oriental Teahouse, so we want to help you throw the best yum cha party ever. Our list of top yum cha party ideas will have you well on your way to soiree success without spending a bundle.

  1. YUM CHA

First and foremost – the food! Your guests will be expecting a delectable yum cha spread and the food will be the centrepiece of your party. Preparing yum cha is fun but it’s very time consuming. Save yourself the hassle and pick up pre-prepared yum cha from your nearest Oriental Teahouse. Stock up on our dumplings, wontons and pork buns the day before and steam or fry them when your guests arrive. Shop online here or pick them up in-store.

Yum Cha


Nothing complements yum cha like tea. Brew nice strong batches of our raspberry and lime tea, peach melba tea or vanilla and cream tea to create beautiful alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, and then let them chill in the refrigerator. When they’re chilled, throw in chunks of fruit, a dash of sugar or honey and, for the grown-ups, a bit of vodka or Malibu and you’re good to go! Check out our fruity teas here.

Iced Tea
Photo source: Life of the Party Always

  1. DÉCOR

Making your own decorations is a breeze. All you need is paper (preferably a mix of red, white and fancy Asian-style patterns), string, tape, scissors and a hole punch.

Start by folding a sheet of paper accordion style:Accordion

Then fold the strip over and hole punch it at the fold (it’ll be pretty thick but your hole puncher should be able to get through it; if not, use the point of the scissors):
Punching Hole

Thread a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot. At this point, you can make the decoration a little fancier by cutting shapes out of the folded paper, like this:

Cutting Shapes

Fan both sides and tape the open ends together to complete the circle. Then hang them!


Your guests need something to do between munching, sipping and marvelling at your decorations. Set up two stations – one for creating personalised chopsticks and another for decorating fortune cookies.

Personalised Chopsticks
What you need: Box of cheap wooden chopsticks from a $2 shop, a few bottles of nail polish and sand paper

If you buy chopsticks that are joined together at the ends, carefully break the sets apart and sand them to complete smoothness. When you’re setting up, cover a tabletop with newspaper, lay all the supplies out and make a sign with instructions – be sure to make it very clear on the sign that people shouldn’t paint the pointy end that will be touching food!

Photo source: High Walls Blog

Fortune Cookie Decorating
What you need: Plain fortune cookies, white melting chocolate, milk or dark melting chocolate, sprinkles, crushed up candies and any other fun food decorations you love.

Set it all up at a decorating station so guests can dip the fortune cookies in the melted chocolate, cover them in sprinkles and do all kinds of fancy things.

decorated fortune cookie
Photo source: Fancy Fortune Cookies


Send your guests home with a delectable reminder of the party. Little moneybags of chocolate coins are just the thing. Not only are they super easy to put together, they’re also right on the money with your yum cha theme (pun intended). All you need is gold-wrapped chocolate coins, plain brown paper and string. Cut the brown paper into squares, put a little pile of chocolate coins in the middle, gather the paper around it and tie it with a bow.

Chocolate Coin Moneybags
Photo source: Babyology

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