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Discover the art of dumpling making with David Zhou for World Dumpling Day

Dumplings or dim sum loosely translates to ‘touch of the heart’ in Chinese”, says David Zhou of Oriental Teahouse.

“Making food in a meaningful way or from the heart is helpful during this challenging time. Whether you live with your family or by yourself, making food that is special in some way — it’s like yoga or meditation.”  

To celebrate World Dumpling Day on Saturday 26 September, we are excited to release another dumpling care package filled with our signature cook-at-home dumpling kits, only this time, you will be inviting dumpling expert David Zhou into your kitchens via video dumpling class, using the same ingredients prepared and delivered by us.

David will teach dumpling-lovers how to make three simple recipes from a single Dumpling Kit which makes 30 dumplings. Explore dumpling do’s and don’ts, learn the history of dim sum, and how to cook David’s favourite family recipes that honour the humble dumpling. Pre-orders are available now and deliveries will apply to 40km around Melbourne for $10.


For $90 a hamper, a World Dumpling Day pack includes:

  • DIY prawn and mushroom pack – prawn, mushroom, bamboo shoots, spring onion and sesame (30pc)
  • DIY veggie pack — bok choy, water chestnut, black mushroom, bamboo shoots, tofu, celery, pumpkin, spring onion and sesame (30pc)
  • Chef-made pan-fried pork dumplings (20pc)
  • Chef-made mixed signature dumplings pack – prawn, roast duck, shu mai, veggie, ginger prawn (10pc) 
  • A traditional dumpling basket set
  • Condiments including a jar of homemade chilli sauce
  • Link and QR code to David Zhou’s video masterclass — it can be played on mobile, laptop, or casted to the TV


Cook along with David & learn how to perfect 3 simple dumpling wrapping techniques & 3 home recipes like Zhou’s family wonton soup, fried crispy wontons with homemade chilli oil and traditional steamed shallot wontons in spring onion sauce, as seen below, from a single DIY Dumpling Kit!


World Dumpling Day kits by Oriental Teahouse

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