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Prawn Dumpling Degustation 26th June

Join us as we celebrate the humble heart of yum cha with a curated selection of our most desired and most ordered prawn dumplings. Over the course of two hours, you’ll experience six courses and twelve variations of
prawn dumplings matched with wine, sake & beer and more at cosy upstairs Zhou Zhou bar.


• 韮菜饺 Lucky Prawn & Chive Dumpling

• 虾饺 Authentic Prawn Dumplings With A Side Of Shrimp & Sesame

• 磨菇奶油虾饺Creamy Mushroom Prawn dumpling

• 沙律虾云吞 Crispy Prawn Wontons With Japanese Mayo

• 芝麻紫菜芦笋纸包虾 Rice Paper Prawn, Asparagus & Seaweed dumpling With Japanese Mayo

• 姜葱虾饺Ginger Prawn Dumpling

• 菜苗饺Prawn, Spinach & Basil Dumpling In A Vietnamese Ginger & Lemon Sauce

• 海带虾肉煎饺 Japanese Seaweed Prawn Pan Fried Dumpling

• 芥末虾钱袋Wasabi Prawn Money Bag Dumpling

• 带子饺 XO Scallop & Prawn Dumplings

• 葱油云吞 Prawn, Shallot, Wood Ear Mushroom, Sesame & Bamboo Dumpling In A Spring Onion Dressing

• 尖红椒芫茜虾烧卖 Chilli Prawn & Coriander Shu Mai Dumpling

• 花生核桃巧克力炸云吞 Fried Walnut, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Wontons

This special seafood-inspired event is priced at $50pp or $80pp with matched drinks.
As always, first in, best dressed.


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