Yum Cha Restaurant & Teahouse in Melbourne

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discover the best tea for you

Helping my skin !

  • Helping my skin!
  • I wanna look young again!
  • I’m not loving these love handles…
  • More ZzZzs, please!
  • De-stress me!
  • Beat that cold!
  • Help me teatox!
  • I ate too much!
  • I want an energy booster!

Start with cleaning your body and your skin will follow! Each of these teas is completely pure and high in antioxidants.
The flowers clear build-ups and blockages, ideal for skin tone and circulation.
These teas cut through oils and fats from food and help flush out your system.
The perfect mix of herbs to improve circulation, neutralise the body and leave you feeling balanced before bedtime.
These teas send nourishment straight to your heart, increasing attentiveness and recall ability.
Aged pu erh balances the body, honey sooths the throat and ginger protects against sickness. Also contains preserved mandarin peel, peppermint and lemongrass.
These teas work to gently clean out your system, getting rid of any nasty build-ups along the way.
Thanks to their warming effects, these teas encourage circulation in the stomach, and therefore the breakdown of food.
The ginseng element in these teas is known as the king of tonics, so be prepared for a much-needed spark!


Long Jin


Start with cleaning your body and your skin will follow! Each of these teas is completely pure and high in antioxidants.


Teas and Teaware

zhou zhou

Oriental Teahouse is an authentic Chinese teahouse reimagined for modern times.

Inspired by the bustling teahouses that dot Nanjing Road, one of Shanghai’s busiest streets, Oriental Teahouse is designed to be at the heart of social gatherings of all kinds.

We believe a great teahouse means more than just tea– it’s where you can bring your friends, your family, or your colleagues. It’s a centre for interaction and relationships, where ‘life’ happens, and where life is enjoyed.

Since we opened in 2003, Oriental Teahouse has built a reputation as Melbourne’s best teahouse, thanks to our tasty selection of handmade dumplings and yum cha, all served alongside a carefully selected range of cocktails, and herbal and Chinese teas to complement your meal.

We also sell our extensive range of hand blended teas and stylish tea wares in-store, so you can recreate the teahouse feel at home or in the office.

We think no one does the authentic teahouse experience better than us. Come and visit us at our two venues: Chapel Street, South Yarra and Little Collins St, Melbourne.