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Empress Set


This gift set includes:

Big One Teapot x 1
Heart Warmer x 1
Dain-tea Cup & Saucer x 2
Phoenix Song Small Tray x 1
Sachets of teas x 4 (These 40g – 50g sachets are all mixed and showcase our selection of teas from green teas to fruit teas and more)

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Infinity Tray


This beautifully crafted traditional bamboo tray with intricate, etched, Chinese stamp & bamboo detail, is an excellent addition to any serving set. Simply place your cup on the top, pour the tea and the thin slits will catch any overspill.

33 cm in diameter & 7 cm in height

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Vegetarian Bun Packs


A white bread bun filled with mushrooms and shredded vegetables. Pickup from our Chapel St store withing 24hrs of ordering.

BBQ Pork Bun Packs


Slightly sweet white flour bun filled with marinated pork.

Steam for 8min




Black & gold cast iron teapot with a stainless steel mesh infuser.

Capacity 650ml

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Absolutely regal, golden cast iron teapot with a stainless steel mesh infuser.

Cast iron teapots retain warmth very effectively. A good cast iron teapot can keep your tea nice and hot for up to an hour & is much more durable than ceramic or clay. While ceramic and clay shatter easily, cast iron is strong and will not break. You’ll find that a cast iron teapot, when properly cared for, will last you a lifetime.

Capacity 700ml

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Bold blue & gold cast iron teapot with a stainless steel mesh infuser with a stainless steel mesh infuser.

Capacity 800ml


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Cast Iron Old Silver Teapot


Holds heat well, so a pot of tea made in this teapot can stay piping hot for hours. Enameled finish inside & comes with stainless steel tea strainer and care instructions


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